Thursday, September 29, 2011

My dad would be so proud...

My father, ever the bargain hunter, gave me several (hundred) of these manila colored envelopes...they are too small to be mailed (I think) so I was going to use them to send things into school...but there are so many, my 3 year old would probably be in college before I used them up!

So I saw this idea on Papertreyink's blog, where they used an actually manila folder to create this little pocket for Pixie sticks...isn't it adorable?

The envelope is just cut in half and glued on the one open side..stamped and a little stamped image (here from Booglie Eyes) in placed in a scalloped circle and attached with a bit of ribbon...

So now I'm making over 70 for 3 of my kids to bring in for Halloween!  Can anyone say Christmas treats with candy canes?

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