Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beary Boyish!

In my mission to use neglected stamp sets, I set out to use my Build-a-Bear sets (plus I needed a card for a friend's son who's turning 3 this month)....I like how embossed piece adds some texture without being a different color or framed by another layer.....and I didn't even layer the white piece that the bear is stamped on...thought I'd go for subtle....

Ruby Red, Naturals White, Tempting Turquoise ribbon.....

So how's this for luck? I go to put up a new blind in my new basement bathroom (that I feel like I've been painting for years!!! (it's only been a week!)...and there are no brackets or screws in the box!!!  This is AFTER I've already purchased and returned one other blind because I stupidly picked up the wrong size!  At this rate I should just staple up a piece of cardboard and be done!  LOL!

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